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Jan. 18th, 2005 @ 11:46 pm The past was a blast Part Duex
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So I just got back from the dorms on campus (Erickson to be exact) and let me tell you, they keep that mother hotter than butter on a sunday afternoon in church. Oh and I don't mean in the good way.

It seems Eric (or "Rico" to you) decided to follow everyone else and attempt to install Linux. Too bad Jack and Eric installed it in such a manner that XP no longer loaded. When I tried to fix it I blew away the Linux bootloader and replaced it with the NT Bootloader. This resulted in...his machine not booting any operating system.

I suspect he's still reinstalling Windows XP as we speak. Sorry man. Next time I'll make sure I'm around when you install Linux to make sure nothing goes horribly horribly wrong ;).

Oh and if anyone is interested in installing Linux, I will gladly help. We also need pictures for the sites logo. The only format the picture really needs to follow is one of three things. It can be 1) Someone in a corner (male or female, facing away or towards the camera). 2) A building on campus (day or night, people or by itself) or 3) A combination.


Posted by graphix at February 9, 2004 12:10 AM

So last night, around 2am I finally convince myself to goto sleep after coming back from a hectic night of studying and late-night on campus. As I lay there, the sleet and ice is falling down and making everything incredibly slippery and wet.

Around 2.15am I hear what sounds like a plank of wood hitting the sidewalk and I assume someone just fell and dropped something. Five minutes later I hear the same thing. So I sit up in bed, peak out the window and what I see freaks me out to the max.

There are two guys outside. With guns....

That's right guns. So I went to Bill's room to let him know "you have to see this". The two men were shooting towards the parking lot, which luckily was full by the time bill and I went to park, and were shooting off round after round. At first we thought they had shotguns, as it looked like that's what they were carrying. We finally agreed however they had BB-Guns or something of the sort, since the loudness factor of the shootings wasn't that much.

This went on till about 3.30am when I finally fell asleep and woke up to find UMBC opening late at 10am. Just in time for my Calc Quiz. However the teacher postponed the quiz and that was totally sweet ;). Boom.

Posted by graphix at February 7, 2004 01:30 AM

First off let me say that today was the biggest disappointment I've ever had. Not only did we get a very large and decent storm in the middle of winter, but it was all rain. That is right. We went from single digits to thirty four degrees in just a handful of hours to give us the wettest, coldest and most liquid rain I've ever felt. But this is, believe it or not, the topic of today's gripe.

Today in BIOL100 discussion we had to do roll call, as this was the first time we've met since school started. The TA eventually came to someone who had a last name that basically sounded like crotch. I mean, I couldn't help but titter a little. UMBC constantly punches me in the throat between their poor academic and institutional decisions. So I hear crotch in class and I laugh, big deal. Well after my snicker that Bill, who was sitting next to me, could hardly hear, this guy responds with "What?!" But roll continued to be called and I figured he had calmed down. That's when we organized into groups.

Upon grouping up, guess who was in my group, he turns to me and asks: "Did you laugh at my name?” Holy CRAP! He just called me out. We're 19 years old, in college and he calls me out. I'm not even laughing at HIM, just the name. He didn't pick his name; I wasn't making any assumptions about him, just a name that resembled a funny word in the English language. Man oh man. I still can't believe he called me out.

I mean we are in college, be a real man and ignore it when someone makes fun of your last name and picks on you. Here's to the most horrible semester ever! Cheers.

Posted by graphix at February 3, 2004 11:08 PM